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16 Apr

Wolf Run Training Has Commenced!

Training is underway for the Wolf Run. Having never done anything like this before I wanted a challenge and thanks to Natasha I was “volunteered” for a 10 K run in the mud with many obstacles to be climbed over or swum underneath. I could say that I have enjoyed every minute of the training, but that would be a lie! There are two main reasons why I am doing this:

1. To help raise money for the Big Difference Company – a charity that supports a number of initiatives aimed at supporting children and adults living healthily in their communities.
2. I have been fortunate to have recently had two new hips, and being able to attempt a run like this was something that I just could not have contemplated doing for many years.

What I have found out so far; Being a reasonable cyclist does not help at all. Out of all my training partners – only Bonny my dog has been reliable! (see picture from this a.m)

I think I might be able to run 10K in 6 weeks time, but I have not been immersed in mud yet, and so far my biggest obstacle has been a farm gate.

Please follow the progress of our team and, if able to, sponsor us in due course. Your support is very much appreciated.

Reg Perrins – Director