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22 May

Wolf Run – Raising Money for the Big Difference

Hi, So…. Yes… my colleague (was friend!) Natasha Hole has talked me and 3 others from TCC into the “Wolf Run”, as you will have seen from Reg’s previous posts.

I hadn’t known anything about this “Wolf Run” until around a month ago (after I’d signed up for it!) when I was shown pictures and short videos of the different obstacles, and let’s just say I was scared! For those of you that know me; I am not the most athletic!

However now training has commenced, and me and my training buddy Ava, who either scoots by my side or now rides her bike, (I did this to start my training with the endless running besides her to support her while she got the hang of it!) we are regularly going out to the park or the lakes for me to “get training!”

This is being done for a really great cause; our fundraising link is below where you can find out more.…/showROFundraiserPage…

Here are a few pics of my training so far; If nothing else they will create a laugh! I am actually super excited about this event and cannot wait to get stuck in, only 2 weeks to go!!    Kim Shortland – Care Manager

Wolf Run Training

Wolf Run Training