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10 Apr

Training Workshops

Hello Everyone

As you may have seen in the latest TCC newsletter; I am piloting a new program, where I will be providing skills workshops once a month at the Training Suite in Kibworth.

These workshops will cover a variety of skills that are utilised across care and would be a good chance to pick up a new skill or update your current training.

The workshops will begin this month and the topics for the first few months have been included.  If you would like to attend please either call head office or email Jack, Training Coordinator, to express an interest. (

Please note there is limited attendance for each workshop, and attendance will be granted on a first come first serve basis

23/04/20181100 to 1500Catheter techniques which will include supra-pubic change, intermittent change and convene catheter
21/05/20181100 to 1500Bowel care – Stimulation, Peristeen, Enema, Qufora and Ostomy’s
18/06/20181100 to 1300Diabetes training
16/07/20181100 to 1500Moving and handling problem solving, slide sheets, and hoists.

As with all TCC training; attendance will be paid and travel expenses can be claimed in the normal way.

If you have any topics that you would like to see covered please let me know, depending on how the initial workshops go, we will also look at expanding them to other locations to be able to provide access for more people.


Sophia Wilson—Clinical Nurse