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22 May

Three Capitals Challenge – Day 4

A lie in.  We were allowed to set off just after 8:30.  Most of us felt rested to a degree but there was very much a mixed feeling in it being the last day and we were now fully confident of finishing – barring disaster. “Only 50 miles to go”. We continued into Austria and the cycle paths took us through national parks and forests but completely traffic free.

Once again it was a fantastic example of how people can be encouraged to use alternatives to roads. Rollerbladers to walkers, young and old and other wheelchair users all were out in force.  A huge diversity of bikes was on show.  A slight excitement whenever the path became more gravelly and posed a bigger risk to those who had chosen lightweight bikes and struggled after spending the preceding two days spinning along!   Sarah got into the act by showing she too could have a puncture.  Chris as competitive as ever also wanted one of his own.

Lunch was pasta and pizza before the last twenty miles to Vienna. We were now seasoned bikers.  We had seen it all. Then we cycled into the nudist beach area which had several hundred people embracing the sunshine. It was not an exact survey but I concluded the vast majority were on their backs ensuring that by the time we had passed we had indeed seen it all!

Vienna was a huge contrast to all the beautiful countryside – and quite difficult to keep the group together. One amazing spiral cycle path took us high over a river and roads into Vienna itself and a beautiful park. Sarah was acting as human signpost on the top of the bridge when a handcyclist clipped her bike and dragged it along the footbridge before becoming fully tangled.  Amazing how quickly the cycle path became completely clogged in the few minutes it took to separate the bikes!

It was a relief to reach the end and there was an emotional aspect for many and those who had family members meeting them. I am delighted to say that all of our group did every single mile.  It wasn’t easy but it was incredibly rewarding. At times we all helped and encouraged each other. I could say that we were all equal in the team but that would fail to acknowledge that Chris came home with the silver medal prize for outstanding achievement!   Pictures below are taken at the finish line in Vienna.

A huge thank you must go to Michelle who updated our Facebook throughout and even more so to everyone who liked it, plus of course, those who sponsored us. There is still time to do so on our Justgiving Page 

*Obviously what happens on tour stays on tour. Names can’t be mentioned.  It wasn’t Sarah, Julie or Myself 🙂

Reg Perrins—Director