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20 May

Three Capitals Challenge – Day 2

At last we were off.  It is fair to say that in the cold light of the day not many of the party looked good in lycra (see picture below – further evidence of this can be found on TCC’s Facebook page)!

In some ways the route was very simple we would leave the hotel and follow the Danube upriver to Vienna. I, having family connections in Budapest, said with great confidence we would therefore turn right out of the hotel which was next  to the river. We turned left and my navigational skills were undervalued from that point on.

The morning was spent leaving the big city and travelling through increasingly picturesque countryside and villages. Castles could be seen dotted on the hilltops and it became hotter. The route might have been comparatively flat but the combination of heat and distance ensured we were reminded why it was a challenge.

The team worked well together and people took turns acting as human signposts to minimise any confusion at junctions. This also encouraged people to mix and talk to other members of the party. Lunch was a welcome break at Esztergom with a magnificent church and viewing point at the top of a hill. Somewhat bizarrely a wedding was in full progress whilst numerous tourists simultaneously wandered round the church.

In the afternoon we set off once more, always that little bit harder after the muscles had seized up. An established routine commenced punctured by the odd puncture which it transpired we were not overly adept at fixing. Conversations turned to variations of “are we nearly there?” and if anyone actually knew where Bratislava was. Our European geography was shamefully exposed.

Increasingly we were able to cycle on cycle paths or country lanes with less and less traffic. Whilst still being hot it was enjoyable and we reached Tata. Refreshments were taken – bedrooms compared.  Baths and balconies were of a premium. The beer seemed to take longer to pour than to drink. Lycra was happily discarded for a few hours and conversations commenced. Seventy miles done – time for bed.