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10 Dec

The Joy and Pain of Exercising

As I endeavour to improve my health and fitness I thought I would share my journey with you all, and on the way maybe encourage a few of you to join in on this new quest of mine to get healthy and live a better life.

As a certain age approaches, an age that I will not mention, you start to notice your joints hurt a bit more, you breathe a little harder, and when your four year old decides to go running away in the supermarket and you can’t catch her – then you say to yourself “yep it’s time to do something” Not because society says you need to be a certain way, but because your body says ‘hey you have treated me unkindly’ Also when you look in the mirror and think ‘oh wow when did all this weight build up’ – for me that is when it is time to take action

So on my quest I have decided to go to the gym three days a week and hydrotherapy one day a week.  My quest is to lose 100lbs.  Yes that’s a lot of weight to lose. (I may not manage it all, but it’s a goal to try to achieve).  It will take a while to lose because I did not gain all the weight at one go, it kind of sneaked up on me! You don’t realise how much weight you can gain, but when you become inactive and eat a lot of comfort food the weight really does build up

So why am I sharing my quest to the world? Because a wise old lady (my Grandma, may she rest in peace) once said “if you want to get motivated to do something and to stick at it; then tell the universe, put it out into the universe and it will come to fruition”

I am on my third week of going to the gym and hydro, and it is not easy.  I have to motivate myself and even when it’s cold and I really don’t want to go; I am determined to go.

Since I have been doing this, I have to say that I am always tired and my body aches and I am waiting for the endorphins to kick in! I am still waiting for this great abundance of energy that everyone has been telling me will happen… I am sitting here laughing as I write these words!

But all jokes aside I will state that I am sleeping much better these days and I do feel a little better within myself.  I may be tired and aching, but I find that I smile a lot more; so who knows maybe a little of the endorphins are kicking in after all.  So won’t you all join me on my quest to better health and fitness?

When you see me for training, or if I visit, please let me know how and what you are doing to trying to live a healthier life style. Obviously don’t forget to tell me that “I HAVE LOST WEIGHT” with a big Cheeky Smile!!


Sophia Wilson Clinical Nurse