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Clients of Total Community Care

Mark Ward – TCC Client

Mark Ward

‘I found TCC professional and attentive from initially making contact, recruiting, interviewing and selecting the carers for my package. Using TCC has allowed me far greater flexibility than previous care providers and I can now attend events I previously couldn’t.’

Mark Bowen

Ross Lannon

Steve Paget

Ben Joyce – Complete Spinal Cord Injury at level C4-5

Increasingly people with a SCI are being given a greater say in choosing the right care provider for them.  It can be a big decision but no one should have to remain with an unsuitable provider.

Here is Ben’s experience

“I was involved in a road traffic accident in 2006, suffering a spinal cord injury at C4/5 level (complete). Upon discharge from hospital in 2007 my care package had been set up to be jointly funded by CHC/local authority and a care provider was selected to cover all my care needs.

Ten years later my life was being ruined by appalling levels of care, with a total lack of empathy shown towards myself and my needs to try to live as normal a life as possible. There was no settled care team and different staff turned up every day, sometimes not at all! These were mainly agency staff who accepted the shift, regardless of whether they were competent. Recruitment only found me one applicant in a year of searching. Billing and payroll messed up every invoice.

My concerned dad contacted SIA. I discussed my situation with an SIA representative and with their encouragement researched online, taking the plunge of contacting TCC. From day one the difference in approach was noticeable. They answered the phone promptly, listened and assured me the company would be able to support my care needs.

The change in attitude made me realise how bad things had become and highlighted that there was a route out. TCC put together a proposal which I shared with my joint funders and we agreed to proceed.

The handover process is much simpler than you could imagine. I worked closely with TCC to set up a care plan and job advertisement. We had a successful response and interviewed eight potential candidates. I selected who I wanted employing on my team and gave notice to my previous care provider. I also said that I wanted to take one of my staff members with me to TCC. This was a very smooth process.

My team of staff completed the mandatory TCC induction training course and I set up the first working rota.

18 months on and I have a care team of three people working to my personalised rota to fit in with my life requirements. I haven’t seen any agency or unfamiliar staff.  My monthly invoices are correct; my staff get paid on time and correctly.  Long may this continue in making my life hassle free and with a much higher level standard of care.”

Colin Tansey’s story – as told by Sally his daughter and his son Robert Spinal Cord Injury (C2/3 incomplete) & Hypoxic brain injury

My name is Sally, 3 years ago my dad was involved in a road traffic accident at no fault of his own caused by a careless driver.  The impact of my Dad’s injuries were life-changing not just for my Dad but his whole family.  Our case worker came across Total Community Care (TCC), Chris one of the Directors came to meet us as a family and the ball started rolling to find a 24-hour care team ready for when my Dad came home.  The recruitment process ran smoothly and we picked our team.  Some are still with us from day one along with new members joining the team. TCC staff are always there at the end of the phone for support if we need them.

The team is always doing training and keeping up to date with Dad’s care needs with regular visits from TCC staff checking if all is well and the package is running smoothly.  Since Dad’s been home his spirits have changed being around his family and the team we have.

Without the help and organisation we have been given I don’t know how myself and my family could have got through this without their care and help.

If anyone in the same position is looking for a great company I would definitely recommend TCC.

Robert, Colin’s son also added, ‘the company is genuine from the Directors Chris and Reg at TCC down to the individual care team assistants on the package.

The training the team has received has been excellent and the standard of care he has received has been first class. We have had a few ups and downs along the road with staffing issues but these have been ironed out successfully without further incident. The support and advice I received from Lana our Care Manager and Paula our Trainer has been brilliant. You can tell they genuinely care about my Dad.To sum it up my Mam and I could not have asked for anything better as a Care team when we selected TCC’.

Phil and Robert’s story – as told by Robert

I met Phil in 1984 and over a number of months we developed a relationship which resulted in us living together in the South West.  Both of us had full time jobs and busy lives for many years before I started to notice changes in Phil’s behaviour which at first I just put down to us being different personality types.   Eventually, through his GP we received a referral to the neurologist who thought that it might be Hungtinton’s – it was not a surprise to have this awful illness confirmed once we were informed of the standard symptoms.

Over the next few years Phil’s abilities to work and look after himself gradually deteriorated whilst his behaviour got worse and worse.  Increasingly I was becoming a full time carer in every area of Phil’s life.  Walking, personal hygiene along with eating and drinking all became too much for Phil  Even with limited support it became too much and then had a negative impact upon my own health.  Things continued to get worse and worse until ultimately Phil was admitted to a specialist unit for Huntington’s.  It was the worst day of my life and Phil hated it.  Phil had been abandoned  before being fostered as a child which has impacted upon him hugely throughout his life.  We were now apart after the best part of three decades of being together.

A long time passed before it was agreed that Phil was entitled to try and come home with the support of a 24/7 double care package and considerable adaptations to our home.   Many people said it would not work.

Ultimately we found TCC and I met the directors who reassured me that they were there to support me as well.  A weight was lifted off my shoulders.  They spent two weeks shadowing Phil and providing specialist training for the team of staff.

The team were patient with Phil when he came home and with a separate vehicle he is able to go on outings and it is this stimulation combined with excellent care that keeps him going. 

The care provided by TCC for my partner Phil has made a significant contribution to not only the wellbeing of Phil but also to the quality of my life and my personal wellbeing. I now no longer have the burden of the practical aspects of his care. This means I can now focus on being actively involved in various aspects of Phil’s life. This ranges from going away on holidays and short breaks, regular outings and often having a meal and an evening watching TV or a film together.  We have even been away on several trips to Centre Parcs and Longleat.  These holidays always give Phil a boost.

“It hasn’t been easy, it’s a difficult journey, but now I know that I have done the best for him, the team are amazing and give him a life; and also I have my life back as well and can carry on living, but still be involved with Phil when I want.”

Employees of Total Community Care

Lea – TCC Support Worker

I first applied for a job with TCC in November 2018 having been out of the care industry a couple of years, so I was slightly concerned about which company to apply to having seen some of the practices out in the community.

From that very first application I was surprised at every communication by the level of efficiency, helpfulness, organisation and knowledge of everyone I spoke to. My training could not have been more smoothly organised and the process made as easy as possible. The training was fun, informative and everybody did the best to make sure everything was dealt with.

It got to the point where talking to my mum we thought it might have been some scam or ‘wait for it, this is what’s wrong with the company’ moment because I have never worked for anyone like it before.

My shadow shifts and support I got starting my new job, again has been amazing from the whole team, on the phone, in person and my new colleagues. I really can’t thank them all enough for the support and encouragement I have received.

Cathy – TCC Support Worker

Cathy Eliffe

Hello my name’s Cathy and I’ve been with TCC around 4 months now. I’ve worked in most sectors of care but spinal injury was new to me. I have 12 years experience in care and have experienced many training courses but there was something that stood out with TCC.

After applying and filling out the necessary forms I was selected for an interview to meet the person I was to assist. A cheeky Irish gentleman with a massive depth of courage, determination, sharp wit and a fountain of knowledge. He had sustained gunshot neck injury in the army which left its mark but certainly does not define him.

After a very welcoming interview I received a call and was offered the position much to my delight.

TCC take an interest in selecting the right carers/support workers to the right position ensuring good relationships and that everybody is happy. This helps make you feel more than just a number.

I must say the communication throughout the whole process has been excellent. TCC being based near Leicester and working across the UK did not, and does not, make any halt in communications or visits.

The training was poignant all the way through from the start of understanding what TCC morals are, what it strives for, lay out of the team and what the government and CQC legislations expect TCC as a care provider and its carers.

As the training went on you could tell how much work everybody puts in and the organisation of the resources. We all got a folder with detailed information on spinal injuries, especially autonomic dysreflexia, which myself and others on the training could not say in the start of training. Each folder was holistic to the person we were going to be providing care to. There were practical exercises to complete and observe, interactive and engaging activities to help remember what we had learnt.

We had an array of staff training us from their respective professions, which was an excellent way to meet some of the team and learn from their perspective. Each session, no matter what the subject, the trainers and nurses ensured everybody was on the same page no matter how much experience or knowledge someone had. This not only gave the group confidence individually but as a group we got to know each other and realised what lovely people TCC employ which made the experience of training even more memorable.

By the end of the training we could all say autonomic dysreflexia and it’s meaning along with the anatomy of the spine. My skill set has been enhanced and nourished by TCC along with many others through TCC excellent training programme. But the training didn’t stop there; and this is another point why TCC stand out and back up their training. I then started, shadowed and learnt the process needed to complete my duty of care, in our training files is a folder of different sections to be signed off within 6 months or more if needed at the learners pace. This is to ensure we understand fully criteria’s, it works on traffic light colours till all are green. Once all green can be signed off as competent.

Nurses and managers come to check regularly on documentation, carry out supervision, observations and checks ensuring everything is going well. If any equipment is needed it is always made available to ensure all parties are happy. If there are any problems TCC are there to help to resolve with the upmost dignity and respect.

Overall I have been astounded at the professionalism, a very firm, fair and fun approach. TCC’s heartbeat is the motivation of each nurse, trainer, office staff, management and carer that strives to help and give above and beyond bringing the best out of the staff to enrich the lives of those with spinal injury leaving no impossibilities.

The positive energy, open hearts and quality of the experience of TCC team has a definite shine that is truly blinding and I thank everyone who has helped me on my TCC journey and feel privileged to be part such a tremendous team.

Multi Disciplinary Parties

Cathy Leech, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP

TCC have provided care for a number of my SCI clients including complex ventilated paraplegic individuals. They have always attended to the care and lifestyle of the client with great attention to detail. The care team have been well-trained, reliable and nice people and the company truly cares that the client is properly- supported. I would recommend TCC to any spinal-injured person who is looking for a specialist, comprehensive care team.

Care Expert (anonymous)

Total Community Care are my ‘go to’ agency provider for clients with complex needs, particularly those with high level spinal cord injuries, minimal awareness and ventilator dependency. 

I have audited a significant number of Total Community Care’s past and current care packages within my role as a Care Expert and I am confident that they have robust and professionally led systems in place, with well trained and clinically managed support workers. As a result, clients and their families ae happy with he services they receive.

Sandra Rogers, Independent Occupational Therapist/Case Manager

I have used TCC for a number of my clients with spinal cord injury in various parts of the country including Northern Ireland, each time I have been highly impressed by the quality of the people they recruited alongside the client, and trained them so effectively that each one was able to start living rather than firefighting health concerns repeatedly. TCC are highly thought of by solicitors and insurers alike so it’s not a struggle to convince anyone that I should involve them in caring for my clients to the extent that they are my first choice every time as a case manager. I would use them to care for me or my family without hesitation.

MD/Case Manager, Spinal Injury Case Management Ltd

We have used TCC for a number of our clients who require complex care packages. Some clients have been ventilator dependent. They have always provided a clear plan and time frame for recruitment, care and care costs. They provide a high-quality calibre of care givers who also have a good support network with senior carers and nurse advisors. Our clients have all been satisfied with the service they are provided. The care manager has always had good communication with our case managers.  They always act in a positive and timely manner where issues are raised within the package. I can highly recommend their service and they are one of our two ‘go to’ providers in complex spinal care.