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Ross’s story (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) – as told by his Mum Jan

“Ross was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) when he was two and a half years old. Prior to his 21st, I was his main carer doing everything for him.

“When the opportunity came for Ross to live independently, he was looking forward to it. Part of him, however, was also anxious and nervous. The idea of having someone else to help him with all levels of personal care was, I think, the most frightening part for him.

“In looking for a suitable care package, we met with a couple of companies. It was the professional manner of Selina, a clinical nurse at Total Community Care (TCC), that stood out and filled me with confidence. I felt that by selecting them, everything was going to be okay.

“TCC’s service is bespoke, with the client being involved at every stage. Ross was able to help choose who he wanted on his care team. This made him feel much more comfortable, especially after years of just his Mum caring for him.”

Feeling confident and in control

“It is great for him because he feels in total control of his care.  Any issues that arise, Selina deals with straight away and the stability of his team makes a huge difference. One of his carers has been with him from the start – over five years now – and his other carer for the last three years.

“Since he’s been enabled to live independently, I can’t describe how much Ross has changed from that anxious, nervous young man to someone who absolutely oozes confidence. Once he got settled in his own bungalow and bonded with his TCC carers, the change was almost immediate.

“We have found TCC to be very professional company. We love the whole bespoke approach, and his care team has been so supportive. One of his carers has been to music festivals and Butlins with Ross and his friends. She always seems to know when to let him have his own space so he can let his hair down, just like any other twenty-something.

“Ross is now totally organised and has taken control of his own life.  He is such a confident young man, if anything happened to us, I know he will be in great hands. Credit must go to his care team; they have been brilliant. Ross now speaks his mind and stands up for himself. He is your typical cheeky, confident, young man, it’s lovely.”

Living a ‘normal’ life

“TCC has enabled Ross to live a ‘normal’ life. Gemma, his care manager, makes sure his care team are in the background because that’s how Ross likes to manage his care. He knows, however, that if there is a problem he can pick up the phone and it will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

“TCC has also been fantastic throughout the COVID pandemic. We got all the PPE needed, and Ross’ care team were provided with all necessary information about health and safety rules and procedures. I can’t thank them all enough for keeping him safe,” concludes Jan.

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