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Richard’s story (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) – as told by his Mum Diana

“Richard was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of three. He became a wheelchair user at 12 and requires VPAP ventilation at night. Now 33, Richard lives independently in his own home thanks to the support of a 24-hour care package from Total Community Care (TCC).

“Before changing to TCC, Richard’s previous carers did not have a full understanding of his condition. Consequently, I was constantly worried about his safety; breathing equipment was not cleaned properly and carers were not interacting with him.

“With the previous company, Richard was not able to choose his own team and there were many times he couldn’t go out because some of his carers couldn’t drive.”

A refreshing and tailored approach

“We had heard about TCC through one of Richard’s friends who had transferred to them and I read the testimonials on the TCC website. It really helped to read about someone else’s experience.

“One of the best things about TCC is that you pick your own care team. They are the people that work with you all the time, so they get to know your routine and needs. Selina, TCC’s clinical nurse and Gemma, the TCC care manager were very helpful. We could say as much or as little as we wanted in the interview, but the final decision was completely Richard’s choice.

“He has exactly the same team with him now as when we started the package with TCC a year and a half ago. If there has been any sickness, the team cover the shifts for each other. I have not had to cover any shifts since he has been with TCC.”

Comprehensive training

“The training TCC provide was another reason for transferring. At the very beginning Chris, TCC’s clinical director, came to see us and he explained the process. It was such a plus that there would be training before the care team even started working with Richard.

“Richard is much more confident with the TCC team; he trusts them to take him for appointments, whereas before I tended to do that. Prior to the COVID pandemic, Richard had arranged to go to a festival because he likes heavy metal. That would have been the first time he’d have gone to a festival without a member of the family. He fully trusts his new care team to drive him to places in his Motability van and he is more confident about doing things.

“Due to the pandemic, I can’t go in to see Richard at the moment, but TCC has adapted really well and they are fully managing his care.

“TCC just has a different approach to providing care. Right from the very beginning our experience with them was so totally different,” enthuses Diana.

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