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Rachel – TCC Support Worker (client with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy)

“One of my sisters has been a Total Community Care (TCC) support worker for many years. She recommended TCC to me, so I applied for a job and started working for the company in August 2020.  Since joining TCC I have found them to be very helpful and understanding. They appreciate everything you do and can’t do enough to support you, including paying you for all overtime work. The client that I am a carer for is lovely too; it feels as though I am not actually going to work, but rather visiting my second home. I am treated like family!

“Previously, I have always worked in care homes. Doing one-to-one care, however, is so much better because you get to know your client’s personal likes and dislikes. You don’t have to worry about being pulled away to go to support somebody else. And because you have that personal one-on-one relationship, I find this work so much more rewarding.

“Initially, I was worried about the transition from working in a care home to supporting someone with a complex injury in their own home. I thought I might not be able to do it because I had always worked with older people before. When I went to meet my client to do my shadow shifts, however, he was absolutely lovely. My client likes to have a lot of banter and a lot of laughs; we are always teasing each other. It makes my job great fun – I go to work happy and come home happy.

“Since working for TCC, my family has noticed the difference too. They see that I am more like my bubbly, happy self again. In my previous role I was always mentally and physically exhausted, whereas in my new job I am much less stressed.

“The support I receive from TCC is fantastic; I couldn’t wish for anything more from a company. It is the first time that I have actually experienced this level of support at work and I love it. Despite the difficulties COVID and a second lockdown have brought, the training process was good. The pandemic has meant that TCC has had to adapt some of its normal face-to-face training to online provision. Sophia, my allocated Clinical Nurse, and Claudine, my Trainer, are both lovely and have been a great help with my development.

“More importantly, my client is really happy with how much I have learnt and picked up in such a short space of time.  He no longer considers me the ‘new person’; I am now part of his team. My Care Manager, Beth, says to me whenever she phones that it is so lovely because she can always tell I’m smiling and laughing.

“It is my first shift with one of the new support workers tonight. However, because I’ve learnt so much so quickly, my client is more than happy to put me on a shift with a new member of the Care Team.

“I was with my client yesterday and he feels that he has a very good team of carers.  I have always said to my client and Care Manager that I am so glad I came to work for TCC. I am so happy with the way they treat you. They praise you at every opportunity; I couldn’t wish for a better company to work for and that’s the honest truth.”

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