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R. Silva – Case Manager, Independent Living Solutions

“Since taking over the care package for my client, who has a complex brain injury, Total Community Care (TCC) has been really efficient. With wide-ranging expectations from different bodies, the complex nature of my client’s case meant we had all sorts of challenges, many of which were compounded by the unusual circumstances of the pandemic. The hospital asked for COVID testing and this along with other issues all took time. Together with TCC, however, we worked through them and nothing was ever a problem.

Young man with infantile cerebral palsy caused by a complicated birth sitting in a multifunctional wheelchair, using a computer with a wireless headset, reaching out to touch the touch screen.

“Although it has only been just over a month, my client’s experience so far has, in his own words, “been amazing,” particularly with the Care Team.  So, what more can I say? If the client tells me the Care Team is amazing, that is excellent, it means we’re all doing our job properly.

“In particular, the communication between Eileen – the TCC Clinical Nurse, Julie – the TCC Operations Manager and myself has been excellent. Any issues arising have been managed immediately and never delayed to the next day. This interaction is very fluid and always to the highest standard as one would expect. In contrast, my experience with direct employment of carers as well as agency carers is that there is often a lot of ‘toing and froing’ which can make the care process much more drawn-out and difficult.

“At TCC everything is managed under one roof: one Care Team, one dedicated Care Manager and a Clinical Nurse. Eileen, the Clinical Nurse, and I work closely together as my client has quite complex care needs. It has been a joint effort from the start and since TCC took over the care package they have consistently delivered.  As part of the care, there is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who meet virtually with TCC, and again TCC co-ordinates this very, very well. The team includes a neuro psychologist, a speech and language therapist, and a physio to ensure that the Care Team are fully trained.

“We are just about to embark on a new client of mine who is starting with TCC, and I am also planning to get another package managed by TCC. If you asked me the question: “Would I recommend Total Community Care again?” the answer is without question, “yes, I would every time.” It has been brilliant.”

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