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Patricia – TCC Support Worker

“I have worked for Total Community Care (TCC) for 11 years. Throughout this time, I have always been happy working for such an excellent

company. TCC’s care for its staff and clients is outstanding.  If you phone a manager, they are always there to help. The company genuinely cares about its clients and everything that it does for them. You just can’t get a better company than TCC; they are a very efficient and supportive organisation.

“In all the years I have worked with TCC I have never had any problems. I have worked with a few different clients over the years and only moved to support another client if someone passed away.

Woman with disability working“Unfortunately, I have problems with asthma, and I can’t go to anyone who smokes or has pets. In the past, however, Reg – TCC’s Commercial Director – has always found me another client to go to. The only exception was when a previous client passed away. Although TCC tried their very best to find me another client, at the time no-one was local to me.

“Regrettably, therefore, I had to go to work for another provider for nine months which was very sad for me. The new provider gave me a zero hours contract which I didn’t like.  I never saw a member of the management team and I only saw a clinical lead once in the whole time I was there.

“At TCC during your 6-month probation your clinical lead signs you off on your key competencies.  This was never done with the new company and to me that was totally wrong. They didn’t know who they were employing and didn’t know if they could really do the job.

“There was hardly any training apart from one day, and that was it. You applied for the job and they set you working straight away. The only thing my new provider seemed to care about was money and not the client. With this provider you felt you were ‘pushed’ onto that client, without them being able to state their preferences.

“The difference at TCC is that when you apply for a vacancy you go to the client’s home or, in recent COVID times, undertake the interview via Zoom. It is then down to that client if they want you to be their Support Worker.

“There was also very little support at the other provider. I would leave a message for a manager and no one would get back to me. I would leave a message again and still no one would get back to me. The other Care Team members and I were very unhappy and knew things could be much better for us and our client.

“I discussed how good TCC were with my client and the team. Consequently, my client decided to meet with TCC and transfer his package of care across to them. Needless to say, I was very happy to return to such a caring company as TCC.

“The training with TCC has always been good.  Whenever I started with a new client at TCC the Clinical Nurse would always come in and be there to reassure me, check that I could do the necessary tasks, and sign off my competencies.

“I remember when I had a client with a spinal cord injury who required tracheostomy and ventilator care.  I was with one of TCC’s Clinical Nurses and first we spent four days at the care home with the client to get to know their specific care needs. Then when she was discharged home, two of TCC’s Clinical Nurses, Maureen and Sophia, were both on hand 24/7 for the first two weeks.

“This is typical of the outstanding level of support TCC give to new carers, because they know that in some cases, they have never done the particular work before. To be on hand, more or less 24/7, helping with all the training, including bowel management is going above and beyond. You can’t fault any of TCC’s Clinical Nurses; they are always on hand and always there to support you if you have any difficulties.

“During COVID, I found TCC adapted really well. I never had any issues with PPE.  I was always able to speak to someone and they were very prompt in coming back to me. My Care Manager, Beth, is always very supportive. Also, I know that I can contact Julie Merritt, Operations Manager and Debbie Mason, Operations Director if I ever have any issues with anything.  At TCC, there are lots of people I can turn to if needs be; they are always there on hand to give me the answers that I need.  To me TCC are just faultless, nothing is too much trouble for them.

“TCC are an outstanding company to work for and that’s why, if I know of anybody that needs a care company, I have no hesitation in telling people about them.”

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