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Cathy – TCC Support Worker

Cathy EliffeHello my name’s Cathy and I’ve been with TCC around 4 months now. I’ve worked in most sectors of care but spinal injury was new to me. I have 12 years experience in care and have experienced many training courses but there was something that stood out with TCC.

After applying and filling out the necessary forms I was selected for an interview to meet the person I was to assist. A cheeky Irish gentleman with a massive depth of courage, determination, sharp wit and a fountain of knowledge. He had sustained gunshot neck injury in the army which left its mark but certainly does not define him.

After a very welcoming interview I received a call and was offered the position much to my delight.

TCC take an interest in selecting the right carers/support workers to the right position ensuring good relationships and that everybody is happy. This helps make you feel more than just a number.

I must say the communication throughout the whole process has been excellent. TCC being based near Leicester and working across the UK did not, and does not, make any halt in communications or visits.

The training was poignant all the way through from the start of understanding what TCC morals are, what it strives for, lay out of the team and what the government and CQC legislations expect TCC as a care provider and its carers.

As the training went on you could tell how much work everybody puts in and the organisation of the resources. We all got a folder with detailed information on spinal injuries, especially autonomic dysreflexia, which myself and others on the training could not say in the start of training. Each folder was holistic to the person we were going to be providing care to. There were practical exercises to complete and observe, interactive and engaging activities to help remember what we had learnt.

We had an array of staff training us from their respective professions, which was an excellent way to meet some of the team and learn from their perspective. Each session, no matter what the subject, the trainers and nurses ensured everybody was on the same page no matter how much experience or knowledge someone had. This not only gave the group confidence individually but as a group we got to know each other and realised what lovely people TCC employ which made the experience of training even more memorable.

By the end of the training we could all say autonomic dysreflexia and it’s meaning along with the anatomy of the spine. My skill set has been enhanced and nourished by TCC along with many others through TCC excellent training programme. But the training didn’t stop there; and this is another point why TCC stand out and back up their training. I then started, shadowed and learnt the process needed to complete my duty of care, in our training files is a folder of different sections to be signed off within 6 months or more if needed at the learners pace. This is to ensure we understand fully criteria’s, it works on traffic light colours till all are green. Once all green can be signed off as competent.

Nurses and managers come to check regularly on documentation, carry out supervision, observations and checks ensuring everything is going well. If any equipment is needed it is always made available to ensure all parties are happy. If there are any problems TCC are there to help to resolve with the upmost dignity and respect.

Overall I have been astounded at the professionalism, a very firm, fair and fun approach. TCC’s heartbeat is the motivation of each nurse, trainer, office staff, management and carer that strives to help and give above and beyond bringing the best out of the staff to enrich the lives of those with spinal injury leaving no impossibilities.

The positive energy, open hearts and quality of the experience of TCC team has a definite shine that is truly blinding and I thank everyone who has helped me on my TCC journey and feel privileged to be part such a tremendous team.

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