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Ben Joyce – Complete Spinal Cord Injury at level C4-5

Increasingly people with a SCI are being given a greater say in choosing the right care provider for them.  It can be a big decision but no one should have to remain with an unsuitable provider.

Here is Ben’s experience

“I was involved in a road traffic accident in 2006, suffering a spinal cord injury at C4/5 level (complete). Upon discharge from hospital in 2007 my care package had been set up to be jointly funded by CHC/local authority and a care provider was selected to cover all my care needs.

Ten years later my life was being ruined by appalling levels of care, with a total lack of empathy shown towards myself and my needs to try to live as normal a life as possible. There was no settled care team and different staff turned up every day, sometimes not at all! These were mainly agency staff who accepted the shift, regardless of whether they were competent. Recruitment only found me one applicant in a year of searching. Billing and payroll messed up every invoice.

My concerned dad contacted SIA. I discussed my situation with an SIA representative and with their encouragement researched online, taking the plunge of contacting TCC. From day one the difference in approach was noticeable. They answered the phone promptly, listened and assured me the company would be able to support my care needs.

The change in attitude made me realise how bad things had become and highlighted that there was a route out. TCC put together a proposal which I shared with my joint funders and we agreed to proceed.

The handover process is much simpler than you could imagine. I worked closely with TCC to set up a care plan and job advertisement. We had a successful response and interviewed eight potential candidates. I selected who I wanted employing on my team and gave notice to my previous care provider. I also said that I wanted to take one of my staff members with me to TCC. This was a very smooth process.

My team of staff completed the mandatory TCC induction training course and I set up the first working rota.

18 months on and I have a care team of three people working to my personalised rota to fit in with my life requirements. I haven’t seen any agency or unfamiliar staff.  My monthly invoices are correct; my staff get paid on time and correctly.  Long may this continue in making my life hassle free and with a much higher level standard of care.”

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