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Alex – TCC Client (Spinal Cord Injury, T8)

“I spent a period of time in Oswestry Spinal Unit for rehabilitation prior to my stay in a nursing home. I am now in my own home with a 24-hour care package managed by Total Community Care (TCC).

“I have had no problems so far, anything I have asked for I have been given. The four girls, well I call them my ladies on my care team, they are all perfect I couldn’t give them a higher testimonial honestly. They even bring in lunch for me and everything.  I keep on telling them not to, but they insist on bringing it in which is so kind.  So, I let them get on with it that’s the best way, ha-ha!

“The support I receive from my care team and care manager is great, absolutely great. Anything I ask for they do. As a matter of fact they do it without my asking.  I don’t ask them to dust, I don’t ask them to polish or do any washing or anything, but they go ahead and just do it. They really are top class.

“The girls are completely competent with all my care needs. There is nothing they can’t do. The training up to now has been 100%. I would recommend Total Community Care anytime.

“During COVID, Total Community Care have dealt with it with absolutely no problem.  The girls take complete protection all the time with the right PPE. I am looking forward to being able to go out with my care team but at the moment, due to the pandemic, we just can’t. It will be lovely when the better weather comes and we can be out and about.

“My care team are very good at organising any PPE they need, and I can leave them to it. I knew one of my team members from before because she worked in the care home I was in. She applied for a job with TCC to move from the care home to work on my team.

“I found the recruitment process for my other team members, no bother, no bother at all. It was lovely and all straightforward, and I felt in control of the people being recruited to work on my care team. Now, I am not sure if I control them or they control me because they keep telling me off  ha-ha, but only in a good way though, only in a good way .

“Beth my care manager is great; she communicates regularly with my care team to support us all.  I can only say that Total Community Care’s service is top class, after that there is not much else you can say is there?”

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