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10 Mar

Our Pregnancy News!

Our Pregnancy News

I’ve been living with a Spinal Cord Injury for almost 8 years. At the start of my journey I only had one soul focus and that was to keep fighting to achieve my goal of walking again. I had little knowledge of what a SCI entailed, it was only when I started recovering I realised things wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. Years started to fly by and even though I was improving with regaining arm movement, I was happier, I married my soulmate but for me I was still searching for more…

2018 came, and myself and my family welcomed my beautiful niece Phoebe into this world. The undying love I felt the first time I held her was something I never experienced before, looking down at this tiny human and thinking how perfect she was, was the start of my missing piece in the puzzle. This little thing won all our hearts, looking over at my mum holding Phoebe made me see the smile I once remembered and hadn’t seen for a long time and Nelly my husband couldn’t be anymore

besotted with her. It slowly started to occur to me what I was searching for and that was to have a child of our own. The trouble was we didn’t know if it was possible to have a baby. Searching the web came up with stories of Paraplegics going on to have children but there was little information about quadriplegics and babies. With having unanswered questions, we turned to my Doctor who got us in touch with an Obstetrician who arranged a meeting with us.  Nelly and I were extremely apprehensive about our first meeting with the Obstetrician. But the meeting could not have gone any better, our questions were answered and it was all very positive, I seemed to be lucky as having my accident at 22 had allowed my bones/growth of my body to develop at the right stages of puberty, so importantly my body would allow me to carry a child. A massive weight seemed to have been lifted and when the times right and we are both ready then what will be, will be.

Fast forward to September, we found out I was 8 weeks pregnant. It was for me a crazy cocktail of emotions when we found out; surprised, shocked, ecstatic, elated, disbelief and petrifying. Nelly could not be any happier, but for me I was mostly petrified as there’s like I said previously, there’s little research when it comes to a C4/C5 quadriplegic being pregnant. I wasn’t naive in thinking pregnancy was going to be easy but I wasn’t prepared for being pregnant!  We informed my Doctor who then got us in touch with the Obstetrician again. We had our first scan at 8 weeks, this was due to seeing how the foetus was developing and for our own peace of mind. The 8-week scan was very mind-blowing to see this little blob growing inside me was hard to comprehend, we just couldn’t believe it, we felt incredibly lucky to be given this chance to bring a little human into this world. After the initial scan, they wanted to closely monitor the foetus progress so I was being scanned every 2 weeks until my 20-week scan. It was amazing to see the stages of development from this foetus to seeing the shape turning into a baby that was growing inside me.

I am now 7 months pregnant and still feels very weird saying that! We are seeing the Obstetrician every month and we are still figuring out a plan for the birth, a little bit scary for me but the Obstetrician is very relaxed and calm about it all which is reassuring. We seem to have a great team behind us who have been contacting a specialist spinal team up the country for advice. We have been told that I could be induced to give birth in-between 34-37 weeks, this is all dependent on how the Obstetrician thinks the pregnancy is going as well as the growth of our baby. All of this is being monitored every month with a growth scan. It’s strange to think there could be a little us on this planet in under 2 month’s time, something I never thought I would be saying. As at 22, lying in a hospital bed only just existing I would have screamed with anger at the person telling me at 29 you would be married with a baby on the way!

I’m lucky to say overall and so far, my pregnancy hasn’t been too bad, I’ve felt sick occasionally, the hot and cold clammy sweats that comes with a SCI have gotten a little worse but I can’t really complain, as the pain I’ve dealt with physically after breaking my neck, through my recovery and the surgeries I’ve had in the past have been 10 times worse than how I feel now.

I’m very lucky to have an incredibly supportive husband, friends and family around me, they were all extremely happy to hear our amazing news.

Deciding to have a child wasn’t an overnight decision, it was something I mentally battled with for a while. But being able to hold my niece, feed her with a bottle and interact with her helped me make my mind up. Yes, we’re going to come across many challenges, struggles and frustrating situations BUT they will always be outweighed by the greatest gift of them all my unconditional love for our child.


Carly W —TCC Client