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09 Sep

Specialist neurological care and support in times of a pandemic

In less than six months the world has changed in so many ways with the arrival of Covid-19. I wonder whether in future we will talk of life pre and post virus times? One thing that is absolutely certain is care and support have had to change to reflect these times.

Many clients went into forms of lockdown before the national lockdown was formally announced by the government. The single biggest risk of infection was often reduced to the necessary workers continuing to come into the homes to provide personal care for lengthy periods of time.

As I am sure many will remember clearly there were national shortages of PPE which was a pressing concern; along with panic buying from antibacterial gels to toilet rolls. Many staff worked tirelessly to keep their clients safe and in the vast majority took every precautionary step. There were real and understandable fears that clients could become infected from staff and equally staff were fearful that they could become infected by going to work. Care staff along with other key workers were the true heroines and heroes of this age. TCC staff exemplified the very best of this spirit; continuing to go to work in all circumstances and safeguarding their clients.

For many clients those early days were amongst the most anxiety provoking of times with media stories being told that people with underlying health conditions might not be admitted to hospital yet alone be able to access ventilatory care. Some of these worst fears did not come to pass for our clients unlike others who were deemed vulnerable with underlying health conditions receiving care in institutional settings.

However, it was indisputable that the safest place was staying at home, with a dedicated team of workers, who minimised the risk of transmission by limiting footfall and the exposure to other people and environments. Very early on TCC took the decision to adopt this approach as a central policy along with not using agency staff who we could not be certain about the risks that they might bring.

We cannot be certain as how the pandemic will progress with the long awaited easing of lockdowns and waiting for medical advances and in particular a vaccine. However, it is certain that there will be future challenges but we can be confident that staff will continue in providing services to the very best of their abilities.

Reg Perrins, Commercial Director