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Personal Health Budgets (PHBs)

What do we mean by a Personal Health Budget?

Personal Health Budgets were introduced as a way of personalising care around what matters to people and their individual needs. It is a sum of money to support an individual’s identified healthcare and wellbeing requirements.  A Personal Health Budget enables people with long term health conditions and disabilities more choice and control over the money spent on the care and services they receive, so that their needs are met in the most appropriate way for them.

The actual care provided is planned and agreed between the individual, or their representative, and local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Further information is available on and visit your local CCG website for more information about personal health budgets in your area.

Personal Health Budgets and NHS Continuing Health Care funding

Where care needs are assessed as primary health needs individuals may be eligible for NHS Funded Continuing Healthcare. Adults eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding have a legal right to a Personal Health Budget (since 2014). For more information about this provision and eligibility criteria see :

Amount of a Personal Health Budget

The amount is based on an assessment of an individual’s health and wellbeing needs and the cost of meeting those needs. A Care and Support plan detailing how the Personal Health Budget will be spent needs to be agreed by your NHS team.

What can a Personal Health Budget be used for?

For a variety of services to help meet an individual’s agreed health and wellbeing outcomes including: personal care, therapies, equipment, in line with an individual’s personalised care and support plan.  It is not for emergency care or normal GP care, medical tests, seeing a consultant or medication.

How is this funded?

The funding for the Personal Health Budget comes from your CCG, and your Council where care and support is joint funded.

At TCC we work closely with CCGs and individuals to ensure a comprehensive assessment of health and wellbeing needs and the provision of high quality care and support that works for them, in line with the Personal Health Budgets in NHS Continuing Healthcare framework.

Common Myths about Personal Health Budgets?

You do not have to become an employer of your own staff,  For individuals who choose to have a Personal Health Budget there are different options available of managing the budget to make it “hassle free”.  Perhaps speak to one of our experienced staff to explain this further.