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24 Jul

Outstanding Care Forum -10th July 2019 – Callywith College

On Wednesday 10th July myself and Julie Tailor (Operations Manager for the South) attended the Outstanding Care Forum event at Callywith College.

Despite a few navigational issues on the way, we arrived in plenty of time to enjoy a coffee and biscuit in the café area, before being asked to go through to the lecture hall.

Bel Davies was the first speaker of the day, who provided information on the way the Care Quality Commission conduct their inspections within services. Bel is an inspection Manager for the South and discussed CQC’s 5 key line of enquiry and the importance of staff having an understanding of these. Bel briefly discussed the criteria for achieving an ‘outstanding’ rating with the main focus being on how outcomes have benefited those using the services.

Luke Jefferies, followed Bel and gave information on funding options available for staff wishing to complete a qualification in Health and Social Care. Luke explained that the course framework for the level 2 and 3 has recently changed and provided information on funding options that are currently available.

Neil Eastwood – Author of ‘Saving Social Care’ gave an in depth demonstration of ‘Care Friends’ Developed by Neil, Care Friends is an online recruitment app designed for existing staff. Using a unique log in code and managed via an online portal, existing staff can share job adverts via social media platforms, points are earnt at every step of the process. For example an existing employee earns points for sharing a job, if that job is applied for from the shared link, the candidate is interviewed, accepts the jobs, completes the induction and completes the probationary period. Different point amounts are awarded for each step and each point has a financial reward for the staff member that can be cashed in at any time. The app is still in the prototype stage but could be the future of recruitment in the care sector. 

Former businessman, Neil Hamilton explained his role within Cornwall Council. Neil has been appointed to Manage Quality assurance within the sector. Neil has a team of quality assurers who are visiting Care providers and auditing their processes/documentation to ensure that the standard of care across the county is consistent and compliant with CQC. As the Council are solely or jointly funding provisions of care they have a responsibility to ensure that they are compliant and Neil and his team have recently been appointed in post to carry out these checks across the County and provide realistic targets and monitoring for providers who are not meeting this standard.

The last speaker, Lisa Johnson discussed patient catheter care and explained the importance of the catheter passport for patients.

Lisa discussed the importance of ensuring those eligible for flu vaccines have these and advised that the Government had approved further funding for health care workers to have the vaccine.

Following the speakers, there was an opportunity to liaise with other providers from the sector. The event was well attended with providers from across Cornwall and Devon in attendance. The event was well organised, with other events planned for later in the year at both Callywith College and at Heartlands, Camborne.

Gemma Thomas – Care Manager