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How we work with clients to create their bespoke Support Worker team

At Total Community Care our recruitment processes are completely client focussed, as we work with individuals to create their bespoke Support Worker Team. We advocate specialist, tailor made teams who are trained to the highest standards to meet the needs of the person requiring a care package. This ensures continuity of care and quality, with a commitment to a sustainable care provision.

Our clients are fully involved throughout the whole recruitment process

Initially, a detailed recruitment referral form is discussed with each client. This establishes their requirements for the type of Support Workers they would like to have on their team. An advert is then created and signed off by the client/family member/Case Manager.

Recruitment campaigns usually run for three weeks and we aim to hold the interviews the following week. Applications are then sent to the client for shortlisting, and they are given the choice of how much involvement they would like in the actual interviews.

Dedicated team

At TCC, we have a team dedicated to recruiting Support Workers/Carers bespoke to an individual’s needs. We achieve this by using a wide variety of channels such as recruitment agencies, our website and advertising campaigns on social media platforms.

Our Care Teams and rotas are set up to be sustainable. Contingencies are planned at the outset with staff being recruited to ensure the care provision is robust, regardless of circumstances such as sickness and annual leave. This often requires the team to have more contracted staff than are required to ensure that the Care Team can sustain the care provision.

Contracted to work for individual clients

The Support Workers are contracted to work for individual clients, which reinforces the responsibility of the position and the requirement to safeguard the client at all times. In exceptional circumstances, where emergency cover may be required, roving support workers are utilised who have the required skills to support individuals with high level spinal cord injuries.

“I found the recruitment process for my other team members, no bother, no bother at all. It was lovely and all straightforward, and I felt in control of the people being recruited to work on my care team. Now, I am not sure if I control them or they control me because they keep telling me off ha-ha, but only in a good way though, only in a good way.”

Alex– TCC Client (Spinal Cord Injury, T8)