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09 Sep

How the care package is sustained in the event of carer sickness

Our care teams and rotas are set up to be sustainable and self-sufficient. Contingency planning is in place from the outset, with sufficient staff being recruited to ensure the care provision is robust and sustainable regardless of circumstances such as sickness and annual leave.

The aim of this individualised approach with robust sickness policy and procedures is to ensure the totality of the care is provided by staff contracted and known to the client.  This avoids the usage of external agencies, or unknown staff.

Often this requires the team to have more contracted staff than are required day to day to ensure that they can sustain the care provision. The support workers are contracted to work for individual clients, this reinforces the responsibility of the position and the requirement to safeguard the client at all times.

In exceptional circumstances where emergency cover may be required then roving support workers are utilised who have the required skills to support individuals with a range of neurological conditions, in particular that of spinal cord injury, brain injury and including progressive illnesses.

“Eighteen months on and I have a care team of three people working to my personalised rota to fit in with my life requirements. I haven’t seen any agency or unfamiliar staff.  My monthly invoices are correct; my staff are paid on time and correctly.  Long may this continue in making my life hassle free and with a much higher level standard of care.”

Ben, SCI C4/5

(Picture courtesy of Back Up)