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21 Jun

Chronic Disease Study Day Reflections

The RCNi Chronic Disease Study Day that I attended on 19th June in Birmingham was very interesting. Here are some of the things that I have taken away with me from the day;


It is very scary to think that over 4.7 million people have diabetes and that there are over 1 million people are undiagnosed with type 2. They also estimate that by 2025 around 5 million people will be diagnosed with type 2.

The latest studies have shown that the biggest issues with compliance in treatment is the fact that 65% of individuals forgot to take meds, 25% claim that the side effects are too much, and 20 % don’t feel ill so they do not take the medication.   Diabetes UK has come up with The 15 Health Care Essentials for ensuring adequate care of Diabetic needs;

  1. Blood glucose test
  2. Blood pressure check
  3. Cholesterol check (for blood fats)
  4. Eye screening
  5. Foot and leg checks
  6. Kidneys test
  7. Advice on diet
  8. Emotional and psychological support
  9. Group education course
  10. Care from Diabetes specialists
  11. Free flu jab
  12. Good care if you’re in hospital
  13. Support with any sensual problems
  14. Help to stop smoking
  15. Specialist care if you’re planning to have a baby

Nicotine Addiction

Other interesting statistics that I learnt were that 1 in 2 smokers will die from a smoking related illness, and that Nicotine addiction and Dopamine released tobacco addiction can both be thought of as a disease.   It is stated that E-Cigarettes are 95% better than cigarettes as it is less harmful to the body.


Dementia is a classed as a terminal illness and Alzheimer’s, Vascular, Lewy Body and Frontotemperal are the four most common forms.

Depression, Delirium and Dementia sometimes get confused by individuals. However; it is important to realize that Depression onset is weeks to months, Delirium onset is from hours to days and Dementia onset is months to years. There are an estimated 850,000 people with Dementia in the UK, but again about 56% of people put off going for an assessment for over a year. The scary statistic is that they project that 1 in 3 people born in the UK last year will develop one form or another of Dementia.

Overall this study program was excellent, giving me a lot to reflect on, and I would recommend this course.

Sophia Wilson- Clinical Nurse

TCC Nurse at RCNi Chronic Disease Study Day