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Statutory Funding

What is statutory funding?

Statutory funding is when an individual is deemed to be eligible to receive money from the state for the costs of their care. This money comes from one of two sources – either:

  1. Health Care
  2. Social Care

There are some similarities, but equally some significant differences, between health and social care.

The money can only be accessed following an appropriate assessment of an individual’s needs by a health or social care professional (such as a social worker or nurse).  This assessment is a vital stage in establishing what an individual needs and thus the level of funds that will be allocated to purchase their care.

(a) Health Care

If an individual is deemed appropriate for funding from this route they are likely to have received an assessment called a Decision Support Tool (DST).

This is most commonly undertaken through the local Continuing Health Care (CHC) team on behalf of the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

If funding is completely (100%) through this route then it is not means tested and an individual would not be expected to contribute to the cost of the care in any way.

To give an individual as much control and independence as possible they might well be offered a Personal Health Budget (PHB) which gives them the freedom to purchase their own care directly.

(b) Social Care

In this instance, if an individual is deemed to have social care needs then they will again be eligible for funding. They would, however, be subject to means testing which might ask them to contribute to the cost of their care.

Once more, it is possible that individuals will be offered the opportunity to consider Direct Payments which allow an individual to purchase their care directly.

Joint Funding

It is possible to have funding from both Health and Social Care and this is sometimes known as joint funding.


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