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22 Nov


On the 28th November, I and fellow colleagues will be attending MASCIP 2019 in Loughborough. MASCIP stands for Multidisciplinary Association for Spinal Cord Injury Professionals, this will be my first year attending and I am very much looking forward to it. The Associations prime objective is to provide a national professional forum to promot...

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18 Nov

Moving and Handling Update

Maureen Harriott, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and I attended a moving and handling update last week. The day gave us opportunities to meet other attendees from differing work areas, gain an update/review of legislation, and share experiences of challenges for our clients, patients or service users.

In addition...

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10 Nov

Back up Ball 2019

On Saturday 9th November Reg Perrins, Commercial Director, Natasha Hole, Care Manager and I attended the Back Up Trust Ball fundraising event. The Ball is an opportunity for everyone to recognise the great work achieved to support people affected by spinal cord injury this year. We shared our table with representatives from both William Marti...

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01 Nov

Happy Birthday TCC!

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15 Oct

Hello from Sarah!

Hi Everyone My name is Sarah Yeo and I am 34 years old, currently living in Bodmin, Cornwall with my fiance Rich, our two dogs Marley and Darcey and cat Sunflower. When I was 18 months old I had an accident which left me paralysed from the neck down and reliant on a ventilator 24 hours a day. In 2010 I moved into Independent living and have h...

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25 Jul

Tracheostomy Course

Two day Tracheostomy Course at Northwick Park Hospital attended by Eileen Lynn and Claudine Needham, Trainers at TCC. We travelled to Northwick Park Hospital to take part in the MDT Tracheostomy study days, the first day covering the fundamentals of Tracheostomy care, and the second day Advanced Skills for Tracheostomy care. The course directors...

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24 Jul

A day at the seaside with Colin!

During a recent visit to see Colin I accompanied him, his wife (Margy) and team members Chrissy and Katie to Redcar. It was a beautiful day and a walk along the sea front was just what the doctor ordered.

Colin chatted to passers-by and loved seeing the dogs on the beach,...

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24 Jul

Outstanding Care Forum -10th July 2019 – Callywith College

On Wednesday 10th July myself and Julie Tailor (Operations Manager for the South) attended the Outstanding Care Forum event at Callywith College.

Despite a few navigational issues on the way, we arrived in plenty of time to enjoy a coffee and biscuit in the caf...

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18 Jul

Jenny’s Journey

Thank you very much to Jenny, a TCC client, who came to our Planning Meeting on 17th July 2019 to tell us her journey.

Jenny told her story right from 9 years ago when she had a life changing and devastating Road Traffic Accident which resulted in an ABI (Acquired Brain I...

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01 Jul

Reflection on Tracheostomy Care Course

The two day Tracheostomy Care course was excellent! Maureen, Theresa, Paula and I have definitely learnt something new.   Leading on from Maureen’s introduction on what the course was about; it was very interesting and we had the opportunity to take part in scenario workshops and simulation and of course the wonderful lectures.   It was very ...

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21 Jun

Chronic Disease Study Day Reflections

The RCNi Chronic Disease Study Day that I attended on 19th June in Birmingham was very interesting. Here are some of the things that I have taken away with me from the day; Diabetes It is very scary to think that over 4.7 million people have diabetes and that there are over 1 million people are undiagnosed with type 2....

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20 Jun

Managing the Neurogenic Bowel: Skills and Competency Training

Last week I attended a one day training course, run by the Spinal Injuries Association, SCI Nurse Specialists Carol Adcock and Debbie Green, and hosted by Wolferstans Solicitors in Plymouth. The day was entitled Managing the neurogenic bowel: skills and competency training, for Registered Nurses. There were seven other delegates...

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14 Jun

Reflection on The Spinal Cord Injury – A National and Local Picture Learning and Education Day

On Wednesday 12th June Team Cornwall; Alex and Gemma (Care Managers) with Carole and myself (Clinical Nurses) had the opportunity to attend the above conference. The event was facilitated at The Headland Hotel in Newquay so we knew we were going to have a good day! Sir Ludwig Guttmann (1899-1980) proclaimed “Spinal Cord Injury was t...

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07 Jun

Spinal Cord Injury Care – A National and Local Picture, Learning and Education Day

Spinal Cord Injury Care - A National and Local Picture, Learning and Education Day. Myself and Colleagues are attending a conference, on Wednesday 12th June at the Headland Hotel, Newquay. The day has been organised in order to share best practice in supporting and caring for patients with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) i...

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07 Jun

22 May

Wolf Run – Raising Money for the Big Difference

Hi, So…. Yes… my colleague (was friend!) Natasha Hole has talked me and 3 others from TCC into the “Wolf Run”, as you will have seen from Reg’s previous posts. I hadn’t k...

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20 May

Rutland Sailability

I have had a lovely unexpected visit to Rutland Sailing Club, and am pictured here with Jenny.  Jenny  has been attending Sailability at Rutland Sailing Club for the last year; "I joined Rutland Sailability a year ago . I enjoy sailing twice a week on Thursdays and Saturdays! I’m getting to know all the aspects of the boat, stern - front, bo...

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17 May

16 Apr

Wolf Run Training Has Commenced!

Training is underway for the Wolf Run. Having never done anything like this before I wanted a challenge and thanks to Natasha I was “volunteered” for a 10 K run in the mud with many obstacles to be climbed over or swum underneath. I could say that I have enjoyed every minute of the training, but that would be a lie! There are two main reasons w...

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08 Apr

Spinal Injuries Association Cornflower Ball 2019

On Thursday 28th March Chris Freestone, Clinical Director, Reg Perrins, Commercial Director and I attended the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) 21st Cornflower Ball fundraising event.  Chris and Reg were guests of Irwin Mitchell whilst Sarah was a guest of SIA. The annual event is attended by people from across the Personal Injury wo...

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11 Mar

Huntington’s Disease

TCC supports individuals with Huntington’s Disease and are developing relationships with the Huntington’s Disease Association (HAD)

An Overview of Huntington’s Disease

It is estimated that some 8,000 ind...

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10 Mar

Our Pregnancy News!

Our Pregnancy News I’ve been living with a Spinal Cord Injury for almost 8 years. At the start of my journey I only had one soul focus and that was to keep fighting to achieve my goal of walking again. I had little knowledge of what a SCI entailed, it was only when I started recovering I realised things wasn’t going to be as easy as ...

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28 Feb

Spinal Injuries Association Round Table Event Relating to CHC Funding

I attended a round table event at the Law Society on 27th February 2019. This was organised by Brian 0’Shea of the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) and was focused on a discussion as to whether individuals with a complete Spinal Cord Injury above level C6 should automatically be presumed to meet the eligibility criteria for Continuing Healthcare...

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14 Feb

Information and Advice for Air Travel

Thank you very much to Tina, who moved on to pastures new last year, but sent this in for me to share with you all after seeing it on TV in January.  It could certainly be of interest to some of you, especially on the back of a lot of negative articles relating to air travel during 2018.   Tryb4uFly is a company whic...

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20 Dec

Introducing the #MDBloggersCrew

Muscular Dystrophy is a “hereditary condition marked by progressive weakening and wasting of the muscles.” The purpose of today’s article is to introduce you all to a group of individual disabled bloggers, who have teamed up in order to share their personal stories and promote a positive outlook on life. The “MD Bloggers Crew” aim t...

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20 Dec

My Personal Experience of Spinal Cord Injury

After working for TCC for over 6 years and being aware of our clients’ experiences; not in a hundred years did I think I would have experience in my own family of a spinal cord injury. Yet in March this year my youngest son (age 30) was travelling home from work at 9.15pm in the heavy snow, travelling at 10 miles per hour due to the drifts on the...

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10 Dec

The Joy and Pain of Exercising

As I endeavour to improve my health and fitness I thought I would share my journey with you all, and on the way maybe encourage a few of you to join in on this new quest of mine to get healthy and live a better life. As a certain age approaches, an age that I will not mention, you start to notice your joints hurt a bit more, you breathe a little...

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30 Nov

MASCIP Conference

MASCIP Conference The 20th MASCIP conference - Below the Belt: Issues of Bladder, bowel and sexual function took place on Thursday November 22nd at Loughborough University. As always TCC representation was high with Maureen, Sophia and Claudine all attending as delegates. Sophia and Claudine are pictured below! ...

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20 Sep

Information for Cinema Fans!

Cinema Fans! If you enjoy a trip to the cinema but need assistance to attend this may interest you…The CEA card is a national card scheme developed by UK Cinema Association for UK Cinemas. The scheme was introduced in 2004 and is one of the ways for participating cinemas to ensure they provide a consistent, voluntary approach to maki...

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20 Sep

The Ability To Be You

Often at TCC we focus on the challenges of finding the right person to support our clients and quite rightly this can be a difficult process due to the nature of the role and the invasiveness of being or having people in your home. I would like to take a look at this issue from a different perspective, what if you were required to have support d...

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19 Sep

Crafting as Therapy

In June you may recall Michelle posting an article online from Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research (SMSR). You were invited to join the Knit/Crochet/or Craft a Neuron challenge, this was in order for them to create a spectacular spinal cord to be unveiled at the NSIC at the end of the year. Neurons are the special cells that carry messages around t...

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04 Jul

The end of DoLs?

Earlier this week the government has taken the first steps to overhaul the controversial Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLs) with a revised scheme called the Liberty Protection Safeguards. Central to this is still the basic rights that individuals have including that of their liberty. The revised system intends to be simpler and cover all c...

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19 Jun

Participants Required for UTI Research Study

TCC are proud sponsors of SMSR and we have closely followed their research projects. Ali Gibson who TCC co - sponsor has shared the information below (you can also find it yourself on SMSR Twitter feed @lifeafterpara The project on reducing frequency of and/or treating UTIs is of particular interest given the impact of UTI’s on our clients. Th...

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18 Jun

Continuing Health Care (CHC) Funding

For many of TCC’s clients Continuing Health Care (CHC) funding is a key component in paying for specialist services enabling them to live at home.  There is a worrying climate in which the NHS has set a target of a 25% reduction in CHC funding over the next three years.  In real terms that equates to just a saving over 850 million pounds a year...

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13 Jun

Joined up Thinking by Health and Social Care Bodies

As Trump and Jong - Un have some face to face dialogue after a period of many years I started to think; Wouldn’t it be great if the leaders of both health and social care bodies had positive talks also? So many individuals with complex needs, including clients of TCC, just want those needs met.  They do not wish to be subject to endless asses...

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08 Jun

Neuro Convention 2018

TCC exhibited alongside Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research at Neuro Convention 2018 this week at London Excel. The Show is Europe's only Brain and Spine Trade Show, and features over 150 exhibitors alongside keynote speakers, seminars and live demonstrations. The show is split into four zones;