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anterior cord syndrome

26 Mar

What is Anterior Cord Syndrome?

Anterior cord syndrome is a condition affecting the spinal cord. ‘Anterior’ refers to the part of the cord affected; in this case, the aspect of the cord facing the front of the body. It is an ischaemic condition, meaning it is caused by lack of blood flow ‘feeding’ oxygen and nutrients to the spinal cord, resulting in injury to some of the...

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home ventilation care

10 Mar

What are the Specialist Measures for Providing Home Care for our Ventilator Clients?

Going home from hospital with new care needs can be daunting for everyone involved. The intervention that we hear the most questions about is one of the most complex: home ventilation. This is a naturally emotive issue as breathing difficulties can be some of the most frightening, both to the person having the problem and their families. Added t...

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