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29 Aug

10th Anniversary of a Different Kind

Meeting Nick is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me and knowing him has shaped my life quite significantly. Ten years ago, in June 2006, Nick was looking for new support staff and I was lucky enough to be accepted on his team. I was 26 years old, had just moved to the UK and needed a job badly. During my time with him I learnt a lot about spinal cord injuries, but also about myself. Besides, it was Nick who introduced me to TCC Ltd, who I joined with Nick in 2007, and which enabled me to grow professionally and become a Care Manager in 2013.

Nick & VeronikaNick, 39, a client of TCC since 2007, suffered a C4 spinal cord injury following a jet-skiing accident seventeen years ago. Despite this life changing event Nick managed to adapt and lead quite an active life, always supported by his loving family and an amazing team of carers. But life can be cruel sometimes and as if one accident wasn’t enough, last November Nick was involved in a road traffic accident and sustained a C7 fracture, which caused further damage to his spine. He spent almost two weeks at Stanmore Spinal Unit, where he had been hospitalised all those years ago when firstly injured. Tragic and ironic as this was, Nick pulled through and is now back home, adjusting to new life circumstances once again.

I’ve always admired Nick for his inner strength and invincible sense of humour, but I do believe that it is mainly his family, friends and three wonderful carers that make his life much easier and worthwhile living.  I feel honoured to know this man and his family and I’m proud to be a Manager of his care team.

Veronika Capova—Care Manager