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Naidex South - What did we we find?

25 October 2012

First of all, I apologise for the late blog post, what I didn’t count on was Naidex failing to send out information to me after the show – the way it worked was you bring your badge they give you to the retailers stand and the representative scans it, then you get sent information about their product - but I have received zero information via email so far which of course is disappointing – it made finding information about what I remembered to write about a real pain!

Anyway, what is NaidexNaidex is the UK's largest disability, rehabilitation and Homecare event with over 300 exhibitors featuring the latest products and services to aid independent living and to improve the lives of people with disabilities. I visited Naidex to check out the gadgets that will help people with a range of spinal cord injuries, but there was a large number of retailers at the show that were for elderly people and young disabled children. The list of retailers at the show was pretty huge and most of the equipment ranged from Mobility and Transport such as mobility scooters and wheelchair accessible vehicles and Daily living aids that include eating and drinking equipment.

One Daily living aid that we found useful is the new Neater Drinker which allows people with limited head movement to drink when out or at home and it can attach to your wheelchair. I asked the expert if it was suitable for tea (being the addict I am) and he insured me they did a thermally insulated version. One minor issue was the cup size they had on show looked very small, in my opinion defeating the point of this product to some degree. The online brochure can be found here:

We found a company called Kirton who provide specialist seating for comfortable living. They also provide shower chairs but what was on show was the postural seating for adults to sit in while they were at home that would help your comfort and posture. These special chairs have pressure relief cushions varying from different levels of skin protection and the backrest would mold itself to the contours of the user to help disperse body weight more evenly over a greater surface area contributing to the comfort and support of the user; they looked really comfortable to be honest. List of the Kirton comfort chairs can be found here:

Other useful gadgets we found was a company called Smartbox who aimed at getting people with disabilities access to windows computers, in my opinion the most useful tool at the show. I asked the expert if he could do anything that allows me to use an iPad from my wheelchair, but the company doesn't provide it; what they do provide is still very good accessibility for disability computer access and communication software. The website has multiple different options for both windows access and communication which can be found here:v

There were plenty of other retailers at the show from electric wheelchairs companies like permobile and etac but in terms of finding other useful gadgets at the show there wasn’t much to offer. I have highlighted a few which we found beneficial to disabled people.

The final product we saw was the premier product of the exhibition – if you have £30,000 lying around maybe it is time for a Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi pool in your garden which I found to be pretty ridiculous and extravagant. The company isn’t specifically focused around disabled people, but the representative of the product seemed to know his stuff when I asked him about hoisting and support in the pool – take a look at the website if you’re interested!

Again, I asked for more information about the hydropool but nothing has been sent to me yet - generally the case with disability products, presentation first - the service, second!


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    Posted by coothechageli on 01/02/2013

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